Latest announcement: Taking A Short Break

layout: announcement title: Taking A Short Break date: 2022-03-16 23:05:01 —

You may have noticed that there wasn’t an Emacs meetup this past month. You may have even noticed that there wasn’t one this year.

We’re not gone! We’re taking a break.

The Emacs meetup has been running for eight years now. That’s wild to think!

A lot has happened in those past eight years and in some ways a lot has stayed the same.

We’ve experimented a bit with different formats and have found some success. We learned early that relying on big flashy speakers hasn’t been the most successful. Another thing that we learned is that it’s a lot of work and we haven’t given it the attention it deserves.

Finally, this pandemic has been hard and that difficulty has only exacerbated the struggles that have come with running this group.

We want to give this community the attention it deserves. So we’re taking some time to rethink a bit and try to make something really powerful for the community.

We don’t have a timeline for what we are hoping, but we don’t expect to go any later than June this year.

We will keep everyone updated as much as possible with what’s going on. Thank you for being part of this community and happy hacking.

Eric and Zachary