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Online Meetup—Discussion:How Do We Improve Emacs?

Monday, Jan 4, 2021
7:00 PM EST (GMT-0500)

Join us online:
Please join us using your favorite IRC client at #emacsnyc or use to join us online.

We're excited to have you join us for EmacsNYC a group of dedicated lambda enthusiasts that come together once a month to share our mutual joy of a piece of software that's over 40 years old.

Whether you are first time user, long time contributor, software developer, writer, or just curious what this is all about, you will find an open and welcome community that is eager for you to be a part.

To create an environment that is welcoming, harrassment-free, and enjoyable to everyone, we have a code-of-conduct that we following for every get together.

Emacs, relative to most software is old and has seen many iterations. Recently there was a survey that was conducted that helps us understand the current state of the world for Emacs.

Let’s talk about how we can take what we know from the past and what we know now to help develop Emacs to a brighter future. This conversation can go in any number of directions and we will see where the conversation runs its course.