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Bring Your Text to Life the Easy Way with GNU Hyperbole—13 Aug 2020

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A talk by the author, Bob Weiner

Like Emacs itself, GNU Hyperbole is an integrated, extensible, self-documenting, and programmable hypertextual editing environment delivered as a single ELPA package for quick installation and evaluation. But where to start with such a large package?

This talk will provide a detailed, interactive overview of GNU Hyperbole’s major capabilities and how they can speed knowledge work, including:

  1. Implicit, Explicit and Global Buttons for interlinking your textual information regardless of type or mode;

  2. Org Mode Integration that reduces the complexity of dealing with Org constructs and lets you leverage Hyperbole in Org documents;

  3. The Koutliner for rapid outlining with multi-level autonumbering (like legal numbering), per outline heading/cell permanent hyperlink anchors, and dynamic views that can be triggered by links themselves;

  4. HyRolo for fast contact or any hierarchical record management including Org files or normal Emacs outlines;

  5. HyControl for fast control over your Emacs windows and frames: interactively increase or decrease your your face sizes, adjust window sizes and layouts; replicate frame sizes and attributes precisely; show what you want where you want it.

Whatever you like about Emacs you’ll likely find similar in Hyperbole. Hyperbole grows with you as your knowledge and work complexity increases. An hour invested in Hyperbole has the potential to save you hundreds of hours in your future knowledge work. Come find out about the magic and why its not all hyperbole.

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