Latest announcement: Taking A Short Break

Looking Beyond New York, Please Join Us

Due to an unforeseen pandemic, our group has moved to be online only. This is a story all too familiar to so many previously in-person gatherings.

This is not a new move. We’ve been doing remote meetups since March and had some success, but know that this could be better. We know that we don’t need to keep things so local and we can support a community for the rest of the world. This became even more apparent when we had someone from India waking up at 6am to join us. So cool!

So with that we would like to make this attempt to expand to a larger more inclusive community. This is our call for participants, whether you wish to speak or participate in another way we would like to have you.

I would encourage you to reach out directly and join us at our next meetup. Your help and involvement can help us grow and make a more vibrant and exciting community.

It is important that as our community does grow that we maintain a safe and inclusive community that welcomes people from all backgrounds. For those joining, please review our code of conduct