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Monthly Meetup—A Tour of Arxana

Monday, Jul 10, 2017
6:30 PM EDT (GMT-0400)

thoughtbot NYC
20th floor
1384 Broadway
New York, NY

Ray Puzio will be presenting A Tour of Arxana

The topography of knowledge can be quite intricate, with assertions linking not only to objects of knowledge, but also to other assertions and even linking to links. In order to adequately represent and reason about such situations, Joe Corneli and Ray Puzio have been developing a hypertext system called Arxana.

Inspired by Ted Nelson’s projects Xanadu and implemented in Emacs Lisp, this system is based upon representing hypergraphs with a generalization of CONS cells. In this talk, Ray will give a tour of Arxana both under the hood and behind the wheel and round it off with a scenic drive through some applications to the study of mathematical exposition which he and Joe are working on.