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Monthly Meetup—Introductory Emacs Lisp & ERC

Monday, Apr 7, 2014
7:00 PM EDT (GMT-0400)

thoughtbot NYC
1st floor of the WeWork at Bryant Park
54 W. 40th St.
New York, NY

Harry Schwartz will be giving an introduction to Emacs Lisp:

Emacs can be thought of as a big Lisp interpreter, so you can’t master Emacs without learning some Emacs Lisp. We’ll be introducing Emacs Lisp by describing its simple syntax, demonstrating a few Lisp functions for manipulating buffers, regions, and strings, writing a few utility functions, and binding those functions to custom keys. By the end of the talk, you should able to do the same.

Eric Collins will be talking about ERC:

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) has been a popular P2P messaging system since 1988. Since it uses a text-based interface, it’s a perfect fit for Emacs! We’ll be looking at ERC, the built-in Emacs IRC client and the solution to all our social needs. ERC easily fits into anyone’s workflow and has tons of libraries to make it even more seamless.